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Message from Jody-Kay

12 March
Breaking Cycles Mandate By Jody

‘Life is a journey and we often focus on a destination while failing to see that it is not about running to a finish line but learning from the race. ‘

12 March
Breaking Cycles Mandate By Jody

My experiences in life have taught me that it is often our expectations that lead to perceptions that either make or break us. Many a time we generate these preconceived notions of ourselves and others and if unmet we are thrown into emotions such as anger, disbelief, sadness or depression. These negative emotions are oftentimes sustained for long periods because they are fed and sometimes result in impacting our concept of self. We are then left with a bruised mind, body and soul.

12 March
Breaking Cycles Mandate By Jody

This ministry is geared towards assisting others in changing negative cyclical patterns of thinking as the old adage states “as a man thinketh, so is he.”We believe that if individuals can conceive a positive version of self then this will invariably impact the body and soul. The journey doesn’t stop there, for as a babe has to learn to walk so will individuals need to be equipped with the necessary skills in becoming renewed. We would like to help, just muster the courage to make that change and we will help you to do the rest…

Breaking free of negative cyclical patterns of thinking and embracing positive change through a renewed mindset.

Jody-Kay Thompson / Breaking Cycles for Change.


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